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Kod produktu: STAR17136
Termin wysyłki (dostępność): 1-5 dni rob. (w naszym magazynie)
Wydawca: DC COMICS
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    nowy z defektami - zapewniany stan bardzo dobry

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    ok. 17cm x 26cm

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  • Dostępność: 

    1-5 dni rob. (w naszym magazynie)

Opis produktu

Scenariusz: PAT MCGREAL

Jake "Monster" McGowran is a modern-day bounty hunter armed with a camera. As one of New York City's paparazzi, he's brutal and ruthless as he stalks his prey, pursuing celebrities at any cost to obtain the perfect picture and the top- dollar paycheck. But what happens when McGowran stumbles across something vast, horrifying and impossible to explain?
It could be his ticket to fortune, or the last shot he ever takes.
I, PAPARAZZI is a 96-page VERTIGO softcover version of 2001's hardcover by two of the amazing talents who brought you the astonishing VEILS - writer Pat McGreal and photo artist Stephen John Phillips. Joined by state-of-the-art digital designer Steven Parke, I, PAPARAZZI is a visual tour de force, delivering a hallucinatory, psychological thriller - an edgy combination of social satire and eerie suspense in the vein of Fight Club and American Psycho.
I, PAPARAZZI recounts one night in the life of "Monster" McGowran. One night when he captures just the right photo at exactly the wrong time. One night in which he unexpectedly finds himself swept up in a brief and passionate love affair with a beautiful fashion model who guards a tragic past. One night that takes a left turn into weirdness when he's beaten to a pulp by the bodyguards of an inscrutable young movie star.
Monster goes after the star with a vengeance, vowing to ruin the actor with a few well-placed, scandalous shots. After tracking him to the most exclusive party in town - featuring some surprising cameos by renowned film, music and comics celebrities - Monster accidentally uncovers something strange, secret and clearly not meant to be discovered. Something that slithers into every nook and cranny of day-to-day existence. Something that wants to protect itself and keep its agenda under wraps. Something that must stop McGowran from developing the roll of film in his camera?at any cost.

Ilość stron: 96
Cena okładkowa: $19.95

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